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Edgewater Drive Park
1925 Edgewater Drive, Clearwater
1920 Edgewater Drive, Dunedin

The trail tale of two cities. Clearwater and Dunedin
share “The Edgewater Trail.” It is listed by AllTrails
as a 3.3-mile trail out and back. The trail begins
near Sunset Point Road in Clearwater and runs
North with Alt 19 to your right and the
water’s edge on your left.



This would be described as a long, narrow park with grass and stately palms along both sides of the meandering sidewalk offering adequate space for walkers and bicycles to coexist comfortably. The sidewalk surface is smooth, flat and suitable for walkers and wheelchairs.

In just a short way after we start our walk beginning in Clearwater, we cross the invisible line and pass into the City of Dunedin, as indicated by the brick pillar and “Welcome to Dunedin” sign with Scottish bagpiper. There are benches along the way for a rest when needed. A part of the trail is designated as John Grant Hubbard Park. We also pass the Beautiful Fenway Hotel and many beautiful homes competing for our attention with the views on the water. Every now and then you will see boats at anchor laying on their sides at low tide - quite a sight.
The Edgewater Trail brings us to Dunedin’s Edgewater Park and Marina. We recently visited that Park as #51 and it is a great destination to visit as well.

This mile plus long stretch of waterfront takes on a completely new and stunning look as each day approaches its end. To paraphrase songster Julie Andrews, the World comes alive with the magic of a brilliant show of color at sunset. One that changes each night and never fails to amaze. Be sure to arrive early for the show because the parking is limited, and you don’t want to miss it.

There is a very small parking area at the Clearwater start of the trail with additional parking available near the Dunedin end.


AllTrails tells all about
The Edgewater Trail

Google Satellite Map
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