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Northeast Park and Paw Place
4630 E. Bay Drive
You may be saying, “Why would I want to visit a ‘dog’ park when I don’t have a dog?” Again, we ask you not judge any park by its cover-story as we used to do. You may miss something special.

Northeast Park & Paw Place has several interesting areas. On your way in to the parking lot you will pass the fenced in – but accessible - concrete hockey rink/basketball court on your way in. The parking area is convenient to the restrooms. From the parking lot you will first notice the children’s play area. Most prominent here is the stationary zip line that we found interesting never having seen one before.

There are several types of play equipment, and all appear new looking and in good repair.
Next along the entrance path are several pieces of exercise equipment and just beyond them you will have the choice of two gates. One is for small dogs and their companions and the other gate is for large dogs who bring their friends. This smaller area has obstacles for them to jump and play on while you sit if you choose where you can observe the entire area.

This park’s highlight for us was our stroll along the winding path in the big dog play yard. It is quite large with both shady areas and large grassy areas for your four-footed friends to run, chase and fetch. There are benches and tables along the paths when you need a rest.No, you do not need to be accompanied by a dog to enjoy this place that is hidden just off busy East Bay Drive.

We saw people sitting and just enjoying their surroundings. Our Niki is a big dog lover and enjoyed meeting and petting some of the furry friends who were enjoying their outing in the park. The paved paths are fine for mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

When you are in the area do plan to stop by. We certainly enjoyed our visit and think you will as well. If you are a dog owner, we think they will certainly love it. It goes without saying for most people but please always pick up after your pet and keep this and all our parks clean and special for everyone to visit.

Entrance is on the North side of East Bay Drive between US-19 and Belcher Road. Watch for the park sign. The parking lot sits way back from East Bay Drive.
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