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R.E. Olds Park, Oldsmar
107 Shore Drive West

R.E. Olds Park is one of three Parks
you will discover along a mostly
residential two-mile stretch of
Shore Drive. It hugs the beautiful
Northeast shoreline corner
of Old Tampa Bay.


The other two Parks are Veterans Memorial Park (our Park #20) and Mobbly Bayou Beach Park (our Park #6). It is a trifecta of perfect “Parkdom” you must make a point to visit if not for any other reason than to relax, chill and see some gorgeous sunsets! These three Parks – as well as most in the City - are connected via the Oldsmar Trail System.

R.E. Olds Park takes up maybe a quarter mile of shoreline and offers gazebos for resting or renting and picnicking. There are several playgrounds for the little ones and a long, long fishing pier for the big ones. A most important element of the Park as well is the open-air amphitheater with a huge lawn for spectators, a game of frisbee or exercising man’s best friend.

“The amphitheater at R.E. Olds Park plays host to many concerts, contests, and recitals each year and is one of the most prominent features in our parks. Its official name is the Elizabeth J. Smith Amphitheater.” - https://www.myoldsmar.com/244/RE-Olds-Park

There is a sandlot volleyball court, several free places to park and restroom facilities at this Park. The trails are suitable for wheelchairs and walkers.

The chicken or the egg – a little background on Ranson Eli Olds!
While Henry Ford is often credited with creating the assembly line (in 1913), he did not. He merely improved and innovated the moving assembly line. He found the idea of an assembly line from another Michigan based automobile company run by R.E. Olds who developed an assembly line for the first mass-produced automobile, the Oldsmobile Curved Dash, beginning in 1901.

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