John Chesnut Sr. Park

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John Chesnut Sr. Park
2200 East Lake Road
Palm Harbor
(McMullen Booth Road becomes
East Lake Road
This theme park for nature lovers
can be found on the East side of
Lake Tarpon in Pinellas County.


  With our short photo tour above we hope you and your family and friends will take advantage of this free and magnificent resource and see it for yourselves.
Note on the attached park map we will begin our walk on the Peggy E. Park Nature Trail near the bottom of the map. It is a safe, wide unpaved trail that begins along the banks of Brooker Creek. It has a bit of a wild untamed look and always puts me in mind of expecting to see the African Queen steam around a corner. On this beautiful day a pontoon/party boat passing by filled the bill nicely.
From the Peggy Park trail we move to the boat launch area and begin the boardwalk leading us on the Cypress Trail. Look and you might well see an alligator patrolling this passage to Tarpon Lake. You can climb the steps of the observation tower for an expansive view of the lake North and South.
Moving North along the boardwalk there is much to be seen in plant, bird and human life in and near the picnic pods along the shoreline. You may even see a carefully placed art rock – a fun hobby for many in Pinellas County and beyond!
From the Cypress Trail we will continue North and walk around the interior lake where you are sure to find a gator or two if you watch closely. It is also a favorite fishing spot and a great place to sit on the swing and just let the world pass you by.

From the lake it is a short way to start the North Loop Trail with much more to discover. Combined, the three trails are approximately 3.5 miles in length.
There are playgrounds for the kids, picnic shelters you may reserve, places to fish and launch your boat or kayak on Lake Tarpon. We must not forget to mention to watch carefully because you may spot deer anyplace in the park and they are always a welcome surprise, but they blend into their surroundings so do keep a sharp eye.
Plan to visit the park yourself soon and be sure to join us next Sunday for another virtual visit to a special park – next time we will  visit Oldsmar.
Enjoy your Sunday,
Jack and Niki
Your Hosts for100 Parks in 100 Weeks
On a sad note - Laurel Wilt is infecting the trees in the park and will be devastating in the months and years to come. Read more about it here:


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