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What is the Story here?

Indeed, that's exactly what it's all about. "Nature's Children" by Jack Armstrong is an interactive Storytelling Game for Teachers, Parents, Children, Older Adults and also for anyone with learning or communication difficulties.

Birds of Paradise arguing over? Trees that discriminate?
I give up! Tell me what could these two "Birds" possibly be arguing about? What's their story? This instruction card plus a card for notes comes with each photocard in a clear, protective sleeve.  Discrimination and bullying can come in all shapes and sizes - even in the forests! What is the story here?

Click a photocard to enlarge.

Each story starter is an original and different 4" x 6" full color "photocard." Each photo depicts a real scene from Nature with an appropriate and teasing caption. The viewer is challenged to study the picture and tell or write his/her version of the story behind the caption. Every story will be different and all stories are correct in this game! It's an exercise in encouraging imagination.

Perfect for the classroom or for parents to interact with their children, for Grandparents, for hospital visits, rest homes and institutional settings. In fact, anywhere that person-to-person  interaction and communication are keys to a well-rounded life.

It's time to set the video games, texting and ear buds aside and get back to the wonders of Nature and actually talking with each other - having conversations with each other again.
What could a group of penguins be concerned about?

The question that begs to be answered is who or
what is coming and is it good or is it bad news?

From there it's completely in the hands
and imagination of the new author.
The new "author" may be your son or daughter, grandchild, student, recovering patient,
impaired or non-verbal friend - just give them a card, the challenge and watch what happens!



Each Nature's Children photocard is different. In our Nature's Children view of Fairy Tales, trees can talk, flowers can bicker and always expect the unexpected when birds and animals offer questions, statements and opinions on all manner of topics.

Three Photocards $15
Five Photocards $20
Ten Photocards $30

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Nature's Children

Each 4x6 full-color Photocard "packet" includes an instruction card, a
blank card for notes and each is in its own reclosable. clear, protective sleeve.
on the bulletin board and
wait for someone to inquire
about it. Ask them what
they think prompted the
remark from baby to Mom.

on the fridge at home and
challenge your youngster(s)
to think about it and come up
with what they think the
story is about. Remember
there are no wrong answers -
just better imaginations.

Have the stories ready
for family game night.
Vote on the funniest or
most serious. Have fun!


Pass-A-Pic around in the classroom and ask each child to think about it and
then write the story they think is behind the comment. There are many
ways to get young minds working - you may discover the next budding John
Grisham or J.K. Rowling.
Jack Armstrong also created the early children's educational websites "ABC Learning Time" and the "ABC Toon Center".


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